Sunday, January 18, 2009

Charlie's Room

So the nursery was finally clean enough to photograph-- as clean as it's going to be at this point. I wrote before about some of the things we wanted for the room. I got most of my ideas from an article in a British baby magazine. There's a neverending pile of baby stuff each day and he hasn't even slept in this room yet. The room is a little dark and is hard to photograph, so I apologize that many of the photos are blurry. I actually made the nursery set the day before he arrived. I thought maybe if I did the finishing touches on that, he'd come... and he did! The Alexander Henry print is one I love and have a ton of fabric leftover for more projects. Here's the wardrobe, toybox, changing area (we pull out the changing pad). Jeremy's bike hangs on the wall and Charlie's first toy is ready for him to use (it will be a while!)-- the Rody.
This stool by One Step was a gift from a cousin, and it is where we keep our diaper/bath caddy. (I love that bag!!!)A Flensted mobile I love... Here are the shelves with my craft stuff and his books-- only a portion of them-- you know we have tons of books! The embroidery is by my cousin-- so cute and perfect for the room. The hot air balloon is by Nostalgic Bay and you may remember seeing them in the shop windows in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The chair we painted and covered the seat cushion-- the chair belonged to my great grandfather, and I remember sitting in that when I was very little.
The room has a little alcove just perfect for this desk-- 2 filing cabinets and an IKEA glass desktop. We had a much larger space in our old "office", where we used an antique door (with a plexiglass top) as the desktop. (One side was for computer work, and the other for sewing and crafting). Not as much space here, but it works for us for now.
We've got "Keep Calm" reminders all over the house-- both Christmas gifts from 2007. Made here, history of them here. I have a blue one downstairs near the living room.
This chair is actually pink-- I got it about 5 years ago as a gift. Made my first slipcover for this chair, which isn't perfect by any means (as this chair is an odd shape) but serves its purpose.

Well, that's the tour. I'm pretty bummed that I can't get pictures without them being blurry, I'm going to try again sometime.


Chef Messy said...

Coleen, it looks so good! You have such a flair for decorating. I love the little bunny prints. So cute. Your crib set looks awesome too. And I just got that same print for Christmas--I'd been wanting one forever! (We must still troll the same internet sites.)

Jennifer said...

A precious room for a precious little boy!