Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 Reasons We Had A Great Summer! (Part 2)

Finally, I have the chance to finish my "Top Ten"...

Reason #4: Ohiopyle, PA

My parents invited us to go with them to Ohiopyle State Park (outside of Pittsburgh). My brother and his girlfriend Pam also came with. My dad found a great little house for us all to stay, and it was right near the river and biking trails. While they biked, I read books or wandered around the little old town. I don't think we've taken a trip as a family since I've been married, so that was cool. My brother is also starting a new coaching job this fall, so it was good to spend time with him and Pam before he left town. My favorite part of the trip was probably going to Fallingwater with my mom and Pam. I'd read about the house in so many of my Art History books, but to see it in person was just amazing. I don't think Wright's designs were always very practical, very liveable-- but he certainly was able to incorporate Nature into each and every room. I wished that I could wander the house without a tour guide, because they breeze right through every room. I'd highly recommend visiting.

****(I'll have to add my photos later-- I used my brother's camera and he's got to forward them to me!)

Another day, we all visited a different Frank Lloyd Wright house-- called Kentuck Knob. Everything is based on the shape of a hexagon. What I really found interesting after touring both homes was that Wright seldomly visited the homes he designed. He visited Kentuck Knob only once-- and that was because of a disagreement with the builder.

Anyway, it was a really fun trip. We ate well and had a great time. I know we'll go there again next summer. Another excuse to go to Fallingwater!

Reason #3: Bumming Around Town

Since we didn't travel very much, we pretty much hung out around Lexington. For most of the summer, we both worked odd jobs here and there. Some tutoring, some house painting for Jeremy; for me, some tutoring, some training, and some subbing at school (trying to earn extra maternity leave!). It was weird at first because we both felt guilty for not working, but after a few weeks of having the luxury of sleeping in, napping, hanging out in the AC-- we were well-adjusted!

A few doggie baths... Buster is so cute!
And here's the extent of my gardening this summer: There were a few fun days in town-- Fourth of July's Balloon Rally-- we went friends and family to watch the fireworks after a great BBQ dinner. The balloons were all over town for a few days:

Reason #2: Mother Hens! :)

We've never felt more loved! :) It's just been amazing how kind and generous our co-workers, friends and family have been... whether they're sharing advice or goodies for the baby, or even just sharing in their excitement with us... it's made this such a wonderful experience! This kid is already so lucky!

I wish I could post photos of all the adorable outfits and toys and goodies he's recieved, but I would like to post some of the handmade goodies:

Gown and hat from The Felt Mouse! It's just too cute-- she's so crafty! She's having a boy of her own-- due a few weeks after our little one. It's been fun to see experience this at the same time.

Needlepoint by my cousin, Becca. These pictures do it no justice-- it's so well done! She even made the frame-- including painting the blocks! Seriously! This girl needs to start an etsy shop at the very least! Will be perfect in the nursery.

Reason #1: Nesting! and Counting Down to the Arrival!

We've taken the preparations for the baby's arrival in stride. We've taken our own little baby steps-- everything we're supposed to do can be a little overwhelming, so it's been a slow process but I think we're almost ready! We spent some time over the summer getting ready-- us, the house, the car, work, etc.

(oh, the MINI sold in 2 days-- the buyer took 10 minutes to decide! We ended up getting a VW Jetta. Miss the MINI but love having more room!)

I've done a major cleaning of the house, oh, 3 or 4 times-- usually after we get a bunch of baby stuff I realize that we don't have room... so I get rid of even more stuff. The Goodwill folks have seen me a lot! It's been good, though, to simplify. We've also been recycling more and more-- also, paying closer attention to the chemicals we use for cleaning or what's in our food.

We've also been taking a childbirthing class-- that's taken away some of my anxieties and offered some strategies I hadn't known about. Although Jeremy hated the live birth videos, for some reason, I feel more motivated to meet him and less scared to go through it all.

Anyway, in less than 50 days, we'll get to meet our little man! This last month is one I have mixed feelings about-- I don't want it to go by too quickly (I'm not sure I'm ready!) but then again, I can't wait to meet him and I feel like a cow! I'm just glad we had the summer to relax together and get ready.

I hope everyone had a great summer!

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