Monday, June 23, 2008

Boy, Oh Boy!

So I am pretty excited about the nursery! I feel like I have to get it together NOW but I know, we've got time! A few people asked what I have in mind so I wanted to share a few of the awesome things I've found for the room... I'm sticking with this sort of nursery.

First off, the most awesome fabric EVER!!!
I've always liked Alexander Henry's 2-D Zoo, but had no reason to buy it... until now. I have some of both...I love, love, love it! It's been really hard to find-- literally for weeks I searched high and low for it, and found the jackpot last week when I discovered one store that got a big shipment in. I can't decide if I like the primary colored one better or the blue/green one better-- either way the design is too cute.

My mom got us an adorable Flensted Mobile:

One of the first things I picked out was a Rody. It can hold a couple hundred pounds-- so if he jumps off his bed it won't pop. They also are adjustable so you can change them depending on the kid's height.

We got the one in orange. The pets are scared to death of it!

Something I found while we were on vacation last week was a Bolz train toy-- I don't know to call it besides a spinner. You crank it, the train goes around the track and it makes choo-choo noises. I drove Jeremy crazy.

And last, but not least, I've picked up a few Miffy things. Some books and toys. I love these:

I am having waaay too much fun with this!

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