Saturday, April 05, 2008

Octobaby (Octoberbaby!)

Well, we're pregnant!

I'm excited because I can officially today say it. It's the first day of my second trimester today! We'll find out in 7 weeks if it's a boy or girl, but until then I guess we'll just call it Octobaby b/c he/she is due October 11. We feel extremely blessed and this was a great surprise. We found out a few days after Valentine's Day and the pregnancy hasn't been too bad. I'm anemic(=beat), hungry or sleeping most of the time, but (knock on wood) I haven't had anything too awful.

More updates later, but for now, will post some nursery ideas as someone requested it...

I'm pretty surprised at what I like for nursery ideas. Considering I'm a pretty pastel-kind of gal, I really didnt' like pastels or cutsie stuff for a nursery. Now don't get me wrong. I don't think I could change my style so drastically that I'd want chocolate walls or orange carpet, like the room below, but I do love the idea of bright primary colors rather than pastels for everything. The room we'll use will be our office, also, and the walls are a dark celery green. I like the idea of natural colored woods and the brightly colored toys and Miffy prints up on the walls. I have this Miffy calendar I ordered, and here's more Miffy stuff. I've always liked Miffy -- not quite so cutesy as Hello Kitty and still fun. Well, what do you think? Although from the start I've thought it's a girl, I'm wondering if I am drawn to this sort of stuff b/c it's a boy???

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations, you! What great news!