Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Postcards and the Turn of the Centuries

The weather is crisp, the leaves are gone, all guys talk about is football, all us girls talk about is food... it's definitely Thanksgiving! We'll be here, eating with other coaches and their families at my parent's house. I can't wait to eat tomorrow; definitely my favorite meal of the year.

I love my collection of postcards. Only a few have I purchased, but most have been sent or given to me. When I was in college, I waitressed (of course) and one lady I worked with gave me a bag of postcards from the early 1910's-30's. Another large collection of postcards were given to me by Jeremy's parents. One of his grandmothers saved her cards and postcards, starting at a very young age- at least 1900, if not some Victorian Valentines.

I've never taken the time to read them all, but a while back I did find one whose message interested me. A girl wrote to another woman about her new school in Brownsburg, VA (right down the road) and her new teacher, who had the last name Wade. Well, that school, a 4 room building has since been closed, but I can image exciting it must have been for this girl and this tiny town to have a new school. And, since I knew lots of people with the last name Wade, so I made some phone calls and found a niece of hers. She had passed about 2 years ago, but they were happy to have it. I hope one day I return an old postcard to its owner from years back, so they can go back in time just briefly.

Anyway, I love postcards and letters, but "snail mail" seems to be a dying art. I don't really like email, and I've never really had my phone glued to me either. (Actually, I usually don't answer my phone, and hardly ever do I check my voicemail.) I have tons and tons of stationary so I can write letters, when I have the time. This time of year is exciting for me because it's the one time of year people take the time to WRITE, and I love seeing their pictures, too.

We have a friend (Kirsten S.) who also seems to love the stories that are of times past. She lives in the most glorious of all cities here in the East- Savannah, GA! We visited last spring (that's a whole other story) but she was kind enough to show us around that beautiful city(thank you!). I want to live there (again, a whole other story), but for now, I'm happy to live vicariously through her. She works for an architect, and she has had the chance to go in the mansions and homes that have been left behind, stuck in another time. She has found wallpaper from turn of the century. We first saw her use photographs of these interiors with collaged wallpaper... see?

Well, now she has her own shop: Turn of the Centuries, and it's just fabulous! I love, love, love her chandeliers, and I do want one of everything! She's got some Christmas cards that I want to send to everyone, and I love her sketches.... Especially the marionettes. I can't wait to see what's next for her, she's so talented!

I'm off to work on my apron. I've changed my mind so many times and now I will just have to go with it. Swap partner, you don't know who you are, but I'm hoping you love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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wendy said...

love the postcards...i collect old postcards as well and love the feel of paper in my hands...i wonder if you do any journaling or scrapbooking?