Friday, November 24, 2006

Loved The Turkey & 25 Days of Christmas

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Lots of friends, family, and football. I brought my camera, but forgot to take pictures! oops.

I've spent every free moment I have working on my apron for the apron swap... now, you must realize this is the first apron from a pattern that I've completed on the machine. Patterns are a little annoying for me. The first time I thought I'd pieced everything together right, but you couldn't even tie it around your waist! So, I had to get my new friend (the seam ripper) and redo what I could.

Here's a hint, but I won't reveal until the Apron Swap Party Day- next Friday. That's the day we get to open our packages and read our new recipes to try.

I really like sewing, and since it's my latest "thing" I have at least 6 projects going on. Next week we're having a bazaar at work, and I'd like to contribute to that. Also, I have some big projects starting next week at work...

Which is why I'll take a blogging break until the Apron Swap Party! I just need to get off the internet, avoid online shopping for at least one week (I especially need to stay away from online fabric stores).... you know, all that stuff we did before the Internet came along.

I would like to propose a fun blogging thing- I don't have much response when I propose recipe swaps :( (that's ok), so I'm hoping to this time. I'd love anyone to join in on this one...... pretty please?

How about a 25 Posts of Christmas? For each day, share/post an ornament, card, photo, memory, etc. for each day of December from the 1st to the 25th, or 25 total posts. I hope you'll think about it and join me. Be so kind as to leave a comment if you will join in on the fun.

Have a good week!


rachel said...

HI Coleen!

I love your blog--its my favorite thing to read while I eat lunch. You amaze me. How I wish I lived closer so you could teach me to be creative like you. I'm glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving.

We cooked a turkey in a metal garbage can...a clean one of course! You put the turkey on a stake in the ground (which is covered in tin foil) so that it is suspended off the ground, put foil underneath the turkey and then covered it with a 10 gallon metal trash can upside-down. Cover the top (actually the bottom) of the can with hot briquettes and all around the base. It cooks in about 90 minutes. Buck injected the turkey with italian dressing prior to cooking---it was really delicious! really moist! I guess its like a giant dutch oven.

anyway, say hi to my brother for me.


Kim said...

Hey there! I'm totally up for the 25 days of Christmas thing! Sounds like so much fun! (And besdides, I need something to revive my blogging mojo).

See you at the "apron swap!" Haha!


Jennifer said...

Sorry Coleen! I don't know why I left my comment on the meme post instead of your most recent one - I'm lucky you saw it!

Again, thank you, and I can't wait until the big reveal - I see one of my favorite colors here!

I'm in for your 25 posts idea. I think I can do that!

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Lisa said...

Hi Coleen,

I am part of the apron swap (not your partner though) and thought your 25 days of Christmas was a cool idea. I'd like to participate. Right now I'm having problems importing my photos (hence no apron shot yet), but one I get this resolved, I'll try to do my part!

Liz said...

I noticed Felt Mouse is doing the 25 posts until Christmas. So I will try my best to join in. :}

I need to catch up with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Coleen!

You don't know me, and this is my first visit to your blog, but I'm Chef Messy's sister (sorry, I don't have any of the crafting abilities you and she share!) But I would love to join this 25 days of Christmas! What fun!

- Jennifer of Sin City Spuds

Brandie said...

This is my first visit to your blog, coming here through Chef Messy ...
but would it be too late to join in the 25 days of Christmas? It sounds like such fun! =)

Brandie said...

So sorry that I forgot to leave my address Colleen ...
yes the is the site for me!
Thank you so much!!! =)