Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I wish I had a super-exciting bit of news to share, but things have been pretty low-key here. I have been working a lot on getting rid of lots of stuff, and trying to get organized.

Would you believe my car is still in the shop? 2 weeks ago I put my car in the shop. I have picked it up twice, only to have to return it the very next business day due to *new* problems each time. I had my car for a few hours on Monday and then had to return it to a mechanic this AM. I was told that there were "no" problems with my car and that I should pick it up again. We came to pick it up and spotted a big, green puddle of anti-freeze under the car. That resulted in my car needing yet another new part, which OF COURSE has to be specially ordered, and might be in later this week, but they're pretty sure by next Tuesday. I'd ride my bike but we can't get the tires filled up with air.

Anyway, since I haven't worked on many projects lately besides organizing, I thought I'd share some of my postcards. I collect lots of stuff, and postcards are just some of them. I found a box of postcards in my parents house, and here are a few. Also, some that have come in the mail lately....

From the Frick in New York. This is the Winter Scene from a 4 Seasons room. I love this scene, and this painting reminds me of Russia... but I have never looked that happy in the cold weather. I hate cold weather!

Elvis! A gold Elvis is even better. I am guessing this must be from my trip to Graceland. This is a place that everyone must visit at least once in their life. I never much liked his music, but I love Graceland!

One other thing I did last week while staying at my parents house was read my old diaries. The ones from middle school and high school were just embarrassing. I was so shy, so "woe is me", so "my life is so awful"... I dont' know anyone who can say they loved being a teenager. I look at this postcard and feel relieved to be 27!

This one just makes me giggle. Apparently his name is Bingo Bob!

This postcard is a painting by Remedios Varo. My friend Karlos introduced me to her work, which is fabulously detailed and so surreal... you should check out her work. My friend Karlos introduced me to so many artists I'd never heard of, and I miss him! He had to move back home (he was an exchange student and hasn't been able to come back to the US yet) ...

This is a handmade postcard by a friend who is going to visit us next week. She lives in Savannah, the most awesome Southern city there is! She knows so much history about the city and has had the opportunity to go into to a lot of the old mansions... many of them are being redone. She's even been so lucky as to get lots of old, original wallpaper. This postcard she made is a photograph of the interior of one of the mansions, and she's glued some of the originial wallpaper onto it. Check out the ceiling!

Finally, one I just got today! Thanks to J's parents. Right now they are serving a mission in Tokyo, Japan. We love to find out about their experiences in that huge city and think of them often. Tonite we missed a phone call from them, but checked the mail to find postcards from them. This one, for me, is actually a Chinese painting by an artist named Wu Shuhong. Lovely! Sorta reminds me of Matisse!

Hope everyone's having a great week!


Chef Messy said...

These are so fun!

I always say I'm going to just destroy all of my old teenage diaries--I go back and read them and think, "Was I really this negative? And this obsessed with boys!? And so melodramatic?!" I probably was, which is exactly why I need to get rid of them! But I can never bring myself to do it!

dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

These are beautiful postcards. It just reminds me even more how exquisite your taste is. The winter scene with the girl in the sled is my favorite. so pretty.
Have a great day!