Sunday, August 20, 2006

Randomness and Anti-Starbucksness

So this has been an interesting weekend, and I have all kinds of random stuff to share.

Look at my friend Autumn's belly! Wished we lived closer! She's due either the first week of October or the 3rd week.... I can't believe how big she is since I last saw her! She knows she's having a boy, but isn't spilling the beans on the name! I can't wait to meet this kid! :)

Here's my newest addition! I was so excited when I spotted this painting yesterday at a sidewalk sale in town. It's by Elizabeth Sauder. I was actually lucky enough to talk to her and find out some details. Turns out she was taking classes at Beverley Street Studio School in Staunton, and this was her first still life in Robert Stuart's class. She wasn't sure how long ago it was, but what's cool is that when I was in college, I did an internship at BSSS! Small world!

She described the room to have a dull gray floor, with crisp white walls. Just at certain times of day, the sun shone thru and would cause the floor to reflect a rainbow of colors on the walls. I love the studios at BSSS. This place is a must-do if you want to take adult art classes around here. It is an old school, with the most glorious stairwell leading upstairs to the biggest studios ever! Staunton could really be a great artist's community, because the buidlings and houses are so huge, and people rent out their top floor rooms, but they've gone up in price since they realized so many artists were having studios there, on the cheap. So now, I know a lot of artists are coming to Lex Vegas because it is a little cheaper.

Another thing to share about the Staunton area- Mrs. Rowe's restaurant. I really hate eating at chain restaurants! I hate what big stores and chains do to small downtown businesses, so we try to eat at local places whenever we can. So, if you're in Staunton, try this place. I think the food's pretty good, but she has all these homemade desserts, breads, cookies and frozen take-home-homestyle meals that are just sooo yummy. Check out these pies!

Now for the big Anti-Starbucksness: I heard from a few sources that Lexington is getting a Starbucks! I am so disappointed. I hope the hometown coffee shops don't have to suffer, but I really just wonder WHY do we need another coffee shop? Do we really need one coffee shop per block here? And why does it have to be one that is in every major city all over the world? I seriously hope that this was just a rumor, and nothing more.

And finally, looking through photos on my computer I discovered a very random set of family photos and beautiful landscape photos. I have no idea who they are, where they came from.... anyone know these kids?

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Ashley said...

I think the Starbucks will be for people on 81. I wouldn't worry too much about it hurting the small coffee shops in town. Be happy! Starbucks coffee tastes good!