Thursday, June 01, 2006


Last night was my last night waitressing. I really will miss it... I never thought I would. I'm going to miss working with Ashley and all the other folks. Seems like restaurant people are just crazy. I fit in perfectly. At my teaching job, I am quiet, mostly; the pace is slow and your day is planned. At a restaurant, there's so much stress over E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and a ridiculous amount of drama. I won' t lie and say I don't contribute to the drama, at times, but mostly I just watch and try to laugh. My husband keeps talking about writing a children's book. He seems stuck on the subject matter, but I have all kinds of ideas for him. I want to write down all the funny customers and restaurant stories, and have him write a book including an inspired cast of characters and nearly true-to-life plot...

Here are some of the restaurants I have worked:
GHQ Bistro 2000 (Washington and Lee- student restaurant. I started in 10th grade!)
Sheridan Livery (Lexington, VA- not for long)
94th Aerosquadron (College Park, MD- 2 or 3 semesters)
TJ's Roadhouse (College Park, MD- Outback Wannabe-3 semesters)
The Melting Pot (Rockville, MD- Fondue1 semester)
Southern Inn Restaurant (Lexington, VA-2 and 1/2 yrs!)
Donatello's (Lexington, VA- Italian-6 or 8 mos. )
Bistro on Main (Lexington, VA-1 year)

The list seems so short when I put it on paper.

Here are some blurps of what I remember (random order):
- On my first night, ever, of waitressing, I dropped spaghetti all over a customer's white pants and managing to pass out, too. I'll bet I made a great first impression.

(I Think I Better Finish This List Another Time...)

I did manage to finish 2 projects this week. I picked up my pottery, and the dipping bowl turned out very different than I expected. I really wanted to do something in Grant Wood's style. I had just seen a show of his work in DC, with my friend Autumn. I really loved his landscapes. They remind me of the little train towns people make themselves. The trees stand on their own, and the houses look a little lonely. Here is Autumn in the National Botanical Garden.

So, when I came back from DC and went to paint pottery, his work was fresh on my mind. It was my first piece ever, and I am happy with it. I am addicted to this now, and have even got a few other people in on it. Always up for new projects! Here's my complete set, and some details of the dipping bowl.

And finally, I finished my gift tags for Miss Dacia's Tag Swap! Here's what I made and I can't wait to see what other tags will look like. I'll probably never use them, just keep them because they'll be too cute! :)
The front is the nest, the back is the bird:

Have a great weekend! We're shopping for a new truck for Jer. He's also got to get a suit and I'm gonna shop at Target. He's going to be sick from all that shopping!

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Coleen said...

I would like to meet you in real life. Perhaps we can arrange a place and time. i will be a perfect gentleman (or so). I like reading about your waitressing jobs and the G. Woods stuff--sweet!
love, j