Thursday, August 17, 2006

Die Reise in der kleinen Stadt

This week has been pretty good. Yesterday we had a visit from a friend from Savannah (sorry no pics). She ended up not being able to stay too long, so we hope we can see her soon!

Our other visitors arrived late yesterday. My German grandmother and cousin, and 2 distant cousins were in downtown Lex Vegas this afternoon. We met for lunch and did a walking tour. It was nice to catch up with my cousin Christof, as I don't think I'd seen him in 6 years or so. The distant cousins were sweet teenagers who didn't speak much English. We toured for the entire afternoon, and I'm surprised how beat I am.

Here are some photos of our little day trip....
The Stonewall Jackson House
Anika and Daniel

And finally, a random photo of Lulu, hanging out with her visor on. You would think that since she's a little dog, she'd just love getting dressed up... but does she look happy?


Kim said...

I think that first photo is the neatest little spot in all of Lexington! Have fun with your visitors!

That photo of Lulu is too funny.

Becky said...

Oh yes, Lulu looks very happy! I'm wondering if Moby is in the backround somewhere trying to hold back on all that snickering. (If cat's could snicker that is)