Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This is a recent pottery project- another trivet! I can't seem to have enough of these!

And,I guess I could also share the project below the trivet- the table top. This was a table my parents had on their back porch since I was little... they gave it me when I got an apartment, and it was our "dining room" table. When I got a "real" table, I wanted to try a project with this table- a broken plate mosaic. I broke tons of old plates... the sound is just horrible. I then cut a piece of chicken-wire sort of stuff and laid it to the flat top of the table. I secured it, and put __?__(can't remember the word), then grouted and laid the plate pieces... just like you'd do if you were tiling a floor. The table is a little rough, so we keep a thick clear vinyl tablecloth on it to use on our back porch. Not my most sucessful project, but it was fun to make!

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