Sunday, January 03, 2010

17/25 Post-Christmas Posts: Snow Part 2

This is 5 days after it snowed: Even today there's still a lot of snow left. That picture above is from a creek near our house. We went sledding again-- always to the hill near the church across the street. It's a great hill to go down in a sled-- but NOT up. I hate the trek up, especially in deep snow. I may or may not have complained about that....

Here are my boys sledding. Charlie's first time.
He wasn't upset, but he wasn't laughing, either!
I tried, but got about the same reaction. No reaction.
Some ice.
More ice.
Green grass. Something we won't see for a while. It's supposed to be this cold for at least 2 more weeks.
After sledding, we took Charlie to the little playset. He was pretty relieved to be out of the snow.

Walking with Da-da. Did I tell you he says Da-da all the time. No Ma-ma. Da-da! :)

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