Sunday, January 03, 2010

16/25 Post-Christmas Posts: Charlie Photos

So many moons ago, I hoped to have a child that my good friend Kim could photograph, but she moved away when her hubby graduated from law school! :( She's busy taking lots of family photos now with her own little one out in Idaho-- see here. Next time Kim is in town, I want her to take photos! :)

Then Charlie came along and we wanted photos! I loved Kim's style, but wasn't sure we'd find anyone in Rockbridge County who could take photos as good. Seems like all we could find at first were photographers with the awful backdrops or sitting poses....

But we got lucky and met Abbie! Abbie was also a law wife who was just starting a photography business when we first met. She took some wonderful family photos of us at Boxerwood. Like all those law families do, though, she moved away! (Why they don't want to stay in our little town??) She's doing great things in Nashville-- look at her blog here. I hope she'll take pictures next time we see here; if she comes back to town, or even if my in-laws decide to move to Nashville!

So, Kim and Abbie are gone, but I still want good photos! Randomly and fortunately, I found out about Brandi Hall! I sort of knew Brandi a little, from seeing her around town and a place where she worked, but I didn't know she took photos. I saw her website around Thanksgiving, and then a friend of mine had some photos taken. Immediately I had to ask her if she wanted to do some shots of Charlie!

I love them so :) and these were the ones I mentioned a while back that would be a little Christmas surprise for Jeremy. He especially loves Boxerwood, as he works with the Education Foundation, and Charlie had a great time.

If you live anywhere near Lexington, I would really recommend giving Brandi a call! I was so happy to discover someone who's willing to get out there and take pictures outside of a studio, for a reasonable price, and who is just really loves to do it!

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