Sunday, January 03, 2010

18/25 Posts: A Little More Fun in the Snow

Like I said, the snow's here for a while, so we may as well have fun with it!

Here's our punk snowman that greeted everyone on Christmas morning.
This is how much snow was still in Jeremy's truck, even nearly a week after.
The neighborhood is usually not much of a neighborhood. People keep to themselves. But with the snow, our neighborhood was crawling with people out walking, or sledding. This is the community next door. Tons of kids sledding for hours. I can't wait to move to a "real" neighborhood, hopefully when I'm done with school!
Happy boys.
Happy boy!

Even in the cold wet snow.

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Jennifer said...

All dada all the time over here too. I read something in a child development book that at this age, babies think the mom and them are one in the same. I guess when they realize they are separate from you it is quite traumatic (hence the terrible twos).

Glad you had fun in the snow!