Thursday, December 17, 2009

11/25 Posts: I Finally Understand Why Ellen Doesn't Like Glitter.

I might be OCD, or maybe just a perfectionist about some things, some times. I drive myself crazy. That's a whole other story.

I told myself that it would be soooo simple to just make homemade cards. That it's delightful to receive handmade cards, so maybe I should make some this year. That it would take a day or two. That I would write a nice little personal message in each one so that it doesn't seem all generic. That it would be much cheaper. I was soo wrong on all counts, but I am still happy with the way these turned out!

It all started with the discovery of this little paper punch. I could not leave Michaels without it, and knew I needed to use it to get my money's worth. Next, we needed a photo. Although I found the perfect photo of Charlie, Jeremy really wanted the photo to be of the 3 of us. The one I used was my favorite. I put the one of Charlie that I liked so much inside the card.

It seemed a little bare without the snowflakes, and I made them before I purchased the blank cards-- which of course were only sold as white. Jeremy said they needed a little something-- and that's when my mini-nightmare began. I glued and glittered 3 snowflakes on 80+ cards! Am I nuts? Maybe. But I could not send them out looking too bland-- again with the OCD/Perfectionism! They gradually became much simpler than the one above.
But, I finally understand why Ellen doesn't like glitter. I sent these cards out last week, but I can't escape glitter. We still see it, we wear it, we eat it!

******I'm halfway done with Christmas posts! I might just make it this year!

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