Friday, December 18, 2009

12/25 Posts: Little Christmas Miracles

I avoid writing anything too personal on my blog, just because you never know who reads it, but this morning I am thinking about yesterday. It was a day of mixed feelings-- sadness and hopefulness, blessings:

Yesterday, I attended a "birthday party" for a co-worker's daughter who passed away last February. We released balloons-- one pink balloon for every day of life she lived (53). Watching those balloons fade into the sky was a difficult but beautiful moment. Little Maelyn Grace touched our lives in the short time she was with us, and her death helps me realize just how special every day is with my own little miracle:
I also want to say how happy I am for my friend who suffered a miscarriage, struggled with the effects of fertility drugs and the effects of PCOS-- only to have a little miracle occur one day when she discovered she was pregnant. This October she gave birth to a healthy little beautiful boy, and she's loving every moment.

Another friend just gave birth, and is now the proud mom to a pretty little girl. This holiday season will be so special for them, too.

But who I'm thinking about the most is one of my sister-in-laws. She also struggled for years with PCOS and infertility. They've wanted children for so long. She also suffered a miscarriage this year, but yesterday she learned she is pregnant... with twins!

I just feel a mix of emotions. I am hopeful for my friend and co-worker to have a child that she and her husband want so badly. And, for my sister-in-law, I am so happy! I can't think of more perfect parents-to-be! This year was one I doubt I'll ever forget, because of all these little children in my life who are little miracles.

I hope that no one struggling with infertility gives up hope; I have seen the power of faith and prayer. No matter what happens, though, with or without children, I hope we learn to value all the days we have together.

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Leslie Cosgriff McKinney said...

I don't know how I missed all these posts...I guess I haven't been checking my blogs lately, but anyway I really thought this was a beautiful message and it made me get all teary. They are all miracles!!