Tuesday, December 08, 2009

4/25 Posts: The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

Disclaimer: If you are my husband, parents, brother, or in-laws, please skip this post!
Since the fall, I've been trying to capture a good picture of Charlie to use as a Christmas card photo. I have been dying to get a better camera, but for now, I've just had to make due with my ole Coolpix. It's slow, and by the time it captures the shot, Charlie's moved on.

Attempt 1: In October, we tried in the leaves by Lee Chapel. He won't look at the camera; rather, I can get shots of him looking at the camera, but they just don't seem to capture his personality like I'd hope.
Attempt 2: Ok, next I tried a cute shot in his winter coat... he won't open his eyes.... Attempt 3: Ok, maybe I need to enlist some help. My sister-in-law tried last weekend in Hopkins Green, but we couldn't capture a single shot of the three of us looking... Attempt 4: I tried to put him in his Christmas outfit, and do an update of the one from last year... but can't capture a shot of him looking at the camera! Final, Successful Attempt: In the end, I picked this one! As a secret surprise gift for Jeremy and some family, we did a photo shoot in Boxerwood with Brandi Hall. I haven't seen all the shots yet, but this one is just perfect. And yes, he's not looking at the camera! It is just the perfect photo of him, though! Love it.

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