Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday Photo Round Up

This is my 161st post!!! WOW!

I have to be honest that I thought I might not blog anymore, but I've got to find a way to keep up with all the photos I've got. My mom's set me up with a Blurb book as a gift, and the whole process has inspired me to get all my photos organized. I've got a huge box just full of photos and mementos to sort through and hopefully scrapbook. Thing is, it's been years-- 5 or 6-- since I've done it so I've got a big task in front of me. As far as the Blurb book, I'm keeping it "simple" by making it a wedding album. Our photographer from the wedding put her photos in a nice album, but then we've got another album just from the table photos and stacks of some from friends. I'm currently getting all that together, and putting some of the negatives on a cd so I can use the best of what I've got.

I'm not exactly sure where I heard about the Blurb books-- probably someone's blog-- but I originally was interested in one from Kodak. I quickly lost interest once I saw the potential of what the Blurb books could be. I'm soooo excited. Really. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Stacks of photos all printed in one nice hardcover book. Anyone have any experience with these books?

Any-who, I realize I haven't put up many holiday photos. The holidays were a blur of eating and socializing and crafting and fun and I think I forgot my camera most of the time. Here's as much as a summary as I can offer:

Early December in DC:

We went ice skating at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden. Freezing but fun. Sweet and romantic- it shouldn't just be cute couples in the movies who get to skate together under twinkling lights. Well my guy wasn't all that romantic at first. Perhaps a little too practical at times-- he saw no reason to take off a perfectly good pair of shoes and put on skate to go out into a crowded rink. And we were with our friends Lyndsey and Jonathan-- practically just days before they were getting married so I finally got him to be a good sport.

Happy Lyndsey.
Not-so-happy Jeremy.
Jeremy really started having fun once someone (whose name shall not be mentioned) said, "Let's race!"... well, this is the result of all that:

Poor Jonathan.
Really he was so close to exiting the rink, but in the last 30 seconds on his way out, even, I guess he hit a wet spot and he had a fall. We quickly took the Metro to GW Hospital where we spent the rest of the evening... Thankfully the stitches helped heal the cut and there's no trace of the incident in their gorgeous wedding photos!

A Poor Attempt at A "Family Photo":

The truth is I'd really love a great photo each year of us at Christmas, but we sort of forgot and did the best we could... Really, really did not like my hair in the photo and was inspired to change it-- now I'm a brunette-ish redhead of sorts...

xmas 07

A Philly Outing:

We headed to Philly the weekend after Christmas. We walked around by Boathouse Row and Kelly Drive, and up near the Art Museum (to visit and Armenian Memorial). Visited the Philadelphia Waterworks (actually really cool) and got cheesesteaks at a great shop. And a few days later we headed to the Franklin Institute.


Some cute kid we ran into...

Yo, Adrian :)
Memorial to the Armenians lost in Genocide

Jeremy riding the Sky-Bike at the FI, trying to work off all the cheesesteaks he ate the day before...
Becca with her boyfriend :)

Well, that's all. Hope you're having a great week!

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