Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dorky Rant and Rave

Ok. I'm a total dork I know, but I just need to take this opportunity to get this off my chest...
I don't know that I've mentioned it, but I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy. I was so peeved that Meredith ended their relationship like that last spring, after 3 years of me faithfully watching the show, I couldn't stand it. I know I wasn't the only crazed fan who did-- I think it was a really awful way to keep people watching for yet another year or two before they finally get Meredith and McDreamy together. Well, on Thursday night there was a rerun of the office (thank you writers strike) and a *new* Grey's coming on... so I decided to give it another chance.
It was just awful. Meredith got mad at McDreamy for kissing another girl although she didn't want to be "with" him; so they break up again. I don't know about you, but when I hear about a couple that breaks up over and over, after one or two breakups I'm not real sure I see a real future there. So I was annoyed I watched the show in the first place, seeing them break up again and seeing McDreamy trying to move on with his life... while Meredith is all self-absorbed and thinks she's got issues... either you want to be with the guy or not!
Even if the writers of the show put them back together, I won't believe it will work out. So there. :)
Last night we saw Enchanted and that made up for it all! So much fun. This is a total girl-who-grew-up-watching-Disney-movies movie-- really adorable movie in which McDreamy finally wins and keeps a girl's heart! It totally seemed liked McDreamy post Grey's-- his wife left him (Meredith) with their daughter and he's all broken inside. He finally gets the girl. Loved it.

Gosh I am such a dork.Hope you had a nice weekend.

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