Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and yours for a great new year.

I wanted to share some New Year's postcards, and my collection has just doubled since a friend gave me her grandmother's collection. I always enjoy reading them... I am especially curious about the ones recieved by Jeremy's grandmother (who I'll never have the chance to meet as she passed away years ago). These are some of my favorites:

My resolutions?
Last year I wrote my resolutions on a slip of paper, and I didn't keep up with them. I'll have no choice if I post them for all the world to see, eh?
1. Do some yoga or exercise 2x a week. (I won't bother to explain how much I despise working out...)
2. Do better with correspondence. (I've been really awful at returning phone calls and emails.)
3. Journal or post a blog entry 2x a week. (It doesn't sound that hard...!)
4. Do my nails once a week. (Long story... bad habit of biting nails...)
5. Take a step forward job-wise...

And a reminder of some hopes and wishes in college-- this Mary Baldwin postcard should remind me of the many things I wanted to do with my life.

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Ashley said...

Who was your friend who gave you those postcards? They are awesome!