Monday, July 16, 2007

Proof That I Actually Do Stuff Outside


We'd originally hoped to go to Ohiopyle State Park (near Pittsburgh) this weekend for a weekend of biking, Fallingwater, and camping with my parents, but plans fell through. Feeling guilty because I hardly ever go biking with Jeremy, I asked him if he wanted to take me somewhere nearby for a day of "fun."


He (kindly) picked a very easy ride near a neat old town of Buchanan in Arcadia. I know he really loves mountain biking, but I'm just not the kind of girl who loves to jump over logs or get stuck in deep mud puddles for fun. Give me a nice flat road with a pretty view and I'm pretty happy.


At one point, we stopped and put our feet in the stream. We were just kind of walking around in it... This very young deer started walking towards us, she was actually walking in the stream, too. If the dog hadn't started barking, I think she would've come even closer. I wasn't fast enough with the camera for a photo.



We even took the dog in her little carrier. No photos of that. And no photos of me crashing either. Yes, we've made a note that next time, he's to take the dog carrier on his bike. It really makes the bike front heavy and harder to handle; on top of that, if she saw anything on the side of the road that she wanted to chase, she attempted to jump off the bike! So, I'd try to rein her in, steer the bike, stay on the bike... oh, that's another thing. My dad put those pedals on the bike that make it great when you're trying to climb up hills-- shoe cages is what I'd call 'em- but that's not their name.


Anyway, so I'm trying to make it up this steep hill, Jeremy's off exploring somewhere, the dog sees something-- I grab the dog as she tries to jump, I lose control, the bike falls over, my foot is stuck in the "shoe cage", the bike falls to the road, the dog's freaking out, the carrier falls off the bike, the dog breaks loose, runs away, I chase after her, leaving the bike in the road.... Yes, there's a reason I'm inside most of the time.


Well, lucky for me, the dog and bike were just fine, and I was pretty much ok. Just done. Done biking for the day. Deserved my reward. (Side story- my parents must've started some kind of thing where if I went biking or hiking with them, I'd be rewarded with some kind of food or shopping... strange, maybe, but now I sort of expect donuts or a cash prize after a workout :) !?? hmmm .... )


So we headed down to the cute town of Buchanan. It's one of my favorite little towns around here. We sat outside on the deck of a pizzeria then walked around. Almost every building had a historical marker on it, and most sold antiques or books. Lucky for Jeremy, I was just too hot to really shop, but this really is a great stop for anyone who loves to look for the cheaper end of antiques (some might call it junk, but not me!)...

This is how we all felt on the drive home!


Hope you had a great weekend!


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