Monday, July 09, 2007

Haven't blogged for quite a while!

To start, I should probably post some photos I meant to post long ago. What seems like ages ago, our niece came down for the evening and we arranged a play date for her. We painted pottery, goofed around, got some pizza at our new favorite pizza place and went for ice cream next door!

Here are the silly girls!


And afterwards, watching a movie while playing dress up and eating ice cream. You cannot help but recall the 20's or 3o's when you sit in this very family-oriented ice cream parlor. They often play old silent movies or kid movies, like they did that night.

And here are the adults... both so thrilled to be there, huh! Leslie was actually in town because she got a job at SVU as a new coach! So she'll be living here in the fall, so I'm sure you'll notice an increase in photos of her and her daughter.

What have I been up to????

  • I traveled to LA to visit my good friend Autumn and her son Ezra, my godson! I plan on blogging more about that next time.
  • Managing a restaurant. Was a little nervous about that (new responsiblities, going from one of the staff to in charge of the staff, worried the restaurant would catch on fire with me in charge, pictured the customers walking out and me chasing them down to come back, etc.), but I've really enjoyed it so far. Have called a few meetings and only briefly felt like Michael Scott! :)
  • Relaxing every chance I get. Jeremy's working, too (painting houses!) so we've taken advantage of any free time we've got!
  • Enjoying the holiday. We had a fun little picnic for the 4th. Have got to admit we still have leftover food we're forcing ourselves to eat.
  • Wii've made some MINI purchases! Ok, so we both got some new toys last month... We've had a blast playing with them both! Pictures of the MINI soon!
  • A little crafting. I can hardly believe I'm saying it, but I actually started and finished a craft project! Pictures will come with the MINI post.

Hope you're not stuck in the heat. I really loved this post by Posie-- this is so true of our pets this week!

Alright, officially, I've blogged and now some of you haven't got an excuse! We want photos!

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Jane said...

Glad your back! I didn't know that you worked in a restaurant too! I don't know how you have the energy! Hope you had fun in LA.