Monday, July 16, 2007

Hair and Other Really, Really Exciting Things


So this is pretty much a useless blog entry, but I just wanted to share a few things...

1. Don't you love her hair? I'm actually reading a book right now about Edie Sedgewick (Andy Warhol's factory girl) who had a similar style. About a month ago, I got my haircut like Mrs. Beckham there, but I love hers more.

2. Beckham. Is anyone else as excited he's here? It's kind of like when Pele and Beckenbauer came here in the 70's!

3. Hairspray! Can't wait to see this! Loved the original, would highly recommend if you've never seen before.


Kim said...

Wow, actually, I think your hair looks pretty much almost exactly like that photo. I thought it was you when it first popped up, but then I said, "no, Coleen's blonde hair looks real."

Love it, love it.

And I just still don't know how I feel about seeing John Travolta in drag. . . will it be really funny, or just really scary?

Jane said...

Well, here in LA we are wondering why Posh gets 3 FULL pages in the Sunday Times??? Isn't He the one who is doing the soccer? When he is healed anyway. I had to feel sorry for the kids on JR Beck's soccer team. No pressure there! (Their first practice made both the paper and the evening news.)