Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oatmeal Box Photos- Lexington

I've really enjoyed working with many of the clubs this year, but the Art Club has been fabulous! As their end-of-the-year project, we constructed and used oatmeal box pinhole cameras! I started a new blog just so they could view them altogether, and now, you can, too!

These are all taken here in Lexington in our historic downtown, exposed for 10 seconds a piece on a nice sunny day.

Here are just a few:




And my favorite...
I think this one turned out a little different because we used a super-large oatmeal box, but ?what do I know? :)

If you'd like to check them all out, visit this. You can also go there to see a link about how to make your own!


Kim said...

Those are SO cool! I wish I would have had you for an art teacher! I especially like that last one--very neat effect.

Jane said...

You do such nice things with these clubs! I found little babies to make the King Cake with next year. Now, I need to get busy eating oatmeal! I am on my summer vaca now. (It's a year round school thing.) When I go back I will have 3rd grade for the very first time! I have taught every other grade N-5. I'm a bit nervous to have a new grade! Silly tho! Hang in there with the crazy last minute pace!

UK Girl said...

I really like these photos, they turned out really cool. I have finally moved in to my new house!!

Stay in touch,

Paula aka UK Girl