Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Day I Met The World's Cutest Baby or California,Day 1

Long ago, I promised I'd post about my LA trip. It may have been over a month ago, but I'm finally getting started on posting about it.I'm going to be brief, but I wanted to show some photos....
I flew into Long Beach, arriving pretty early in the morning (had to catch a cab to fly out of Dulles at 4:30am!). Long Beach is a neat old airport-- you still walk out to the planes and it's not all indoors-- which makes it feel like you're in a 40's movie or something. Anyway, we spent most of the day in Long Beach. While waiting for the Long Beach Art Museum to open, we walked along the beach road-- looking at gorgeous homes and out to the bay where the aquarium and such are located. Then we walked around the museum-- it had a great display work by California artists. Love to see that Spanish influence which we don't see much on the East.

Flowers I only WISH would grow so beautifully in my backyard. My green thumb has turned black these days, not much luck!

Next stop was lunch. On her hubby's recommendation, we went to a cool diner place called the Harbor House Cafe. Had a to-die-for burger and milkshake, and we admired all the Hollywood photos on the wall. Then we headed over to pick up Ezra! I was really excited to meet him! After all, he's my Godson! (I love the title!) He's bubbly, sweet, easy-going and ADORABLE! Love him to pieces!

Did a little shopping at M&L Fabrics- you cannot believe how much they have! This is in Anaheim, I think.

We met up with Autumn's hubby, Chad, for an awesome dinner at their favorite Mexican place. And I think after that I just pretty much crashed out of exhaustion!

Day 2, tommorow!

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