Sunday, April 22, 2007


Somehow, this was comforting after last week.

It turns out that Jeremy's friend was actually in the building when it happened, and a co-worker's son was, too. Both made it out safely...I don't think I can express the right words, especially in a blog for all the world to see. I can say how thankful I am that my brother graduated years ago & that my father-in-law retired. It was sad to see a few members of the media go right for the throat of the administration, demanding answers, out of anger--but it inspired and comforted me to see the entire community of Hokies come together.

I'll certainly keep my thoughts and prayers on them all.


Jane said...

Loved the message from Mr. Rogers. I think our generation has been programed to instantly calm down at the sound of his voice!

I just posted my list of places to go in LA. It's got some of our favorite places. However, if you want more specific recommendations, just let me know!

dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

please blog again...and do you have pictures from the baptism? OR the race? can you post 'em or send them to me?