Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'm still in shock. Just over an hour away is Virginia Tech.. I've been there many times, my brother is an alum, many friends, too; my father-in-law worked there for 30+ years, and my husband spent a good deal of time on campus, too. So close, but it's still just so unreal. Every news cast I see, they have the big VT sign up, and I think twice-- it's surely not the VT I've ever been.

Here's a video of one of Jeremy's old neighbors, today at the memorial service: Nikki Giovanni.

I cannot express the feelings of sympathy I feel for the students, the families, the school, our nation. I will certainly keep them in my thoughts and prayers, won't you?

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LBP said...

Living in SW Virginia, I know this has affected you like it has me. It's like it has happened to our neighbor.

I haven't been to Lexington for a couple of years, we took a "day" trip up with our family and went to the Stonewall Jackson house, the Campbell House, etc. Ending with a picnic in Goshen on the Maury River. We loved it!

SML has a few cute shops in the Westlake area. SML is so large and rural there is not a lot of commerce there, YET.

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