Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Your Thoughts.... ?

Read this.


Sarah and Jack said...

When I was a teacher, I taught at an international high school. We had boarding students, and one of my favorite kids was a Saudi girl. Her mother was American, and had accompanied her to America so she could go to school here. The stories she would tell were so horrible I could hardly keep from crying out. Oddly enough, it was very hard to tell what *she* thought of the stories. She related them very matter of factly.

Anyway, maybe that colors my vision somewhat. I think the story is horrible, horrible, horrible. What happens to women in that country is horrible. HOWEVER, *if* the story is true she did know she was breaking the law when she got in the car with him. I think that is part of why my student never seemed horrified, she knew what was expected and what would happen if and when she broke those laws.

There really are no good answers. (Well, aside from not oppressing women period.)

Brandie said...

My thoughts - I'm glad to live in America, where things are not perfect, but especially as a woman, they are FAR better than what they could be.
And my heart breaks for her - I can't fathom, being raped and then punished for it? Sickening and sad.

Kim said...

Sick. Just sick. My heart breaks for the women in those countries.