Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Try it, you'll like it!

Tonight I actually cooked. It had been a while, but since I discovered Everyday Food on PBS Saturday mornings, I've been more inspired. Thing is, I've been waitressing: love the food at the restaurant, but develop a sort of love-hate relationship with cooking at home.

So here's a really easy, easy recipe for anyone who likes fish! I wish I had a great camera, but this was the best photo I got. Hey, it's not easy to make an appealing photo with sour cream in the way! :)

The taste it leaves in your mouth is fabulous, even now (nearly 2 hours later!). Even Lulu wanted some... could you resist this sweet face? (She's rolling over on her back.)


Tilapia Tacos from Everyday Food
(makes about 4 Tacos)
3 Tilapia fillets, salt and peppered
1 head red cabbage
1 lime
3/4 sour cream
salt and pepper
diced, minced jalapeno
scallions, minced (I skipped the scallions)
package of tortillas

To make the sauce:
To the 3/4 cup sour cream add the juice of the lime. Reserve half to be a topping.

To make the cabbage-slaw:
Cut off a little more than 1/4 of the red cabbage, core and slice it into small strips. Add to the bowl of sour cream (not reserved), along with the jalapeno and scallions.

To prep the fish:
Put a pan on medium heat with some olive oil. Add fish when hot. You'll cook it about 3 minutes on each side, and it is ok if it breaks apart.

To warm the tortillas:
Place in a warm oven until they are flexible to work with. Place in a stack in a towel until you're ready to make your tacos.

To make the tacos:
Place fish in bottom of tortilla shell. Add a generous portion of the cabbage-slaw and top with the reserved sauce.

**The nutty flavor of the Tilapia is wonderful with the sweet cabbage, but I wonder what other kinds of fish might be good in these. Try it for yourself!

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Kim said...

Hey, I think I made this same recipe from the magazine not to long ago. I actually really like the purple cole-slaw! I ought to try it again, since Matthew is on a kick of eating ONLY things that are his favorite color (crazy kid).

Hope all is well!