Sunday, March 11, 2007

Catching Up

I appreciate all the visitors and comments! I have to admit I enjoy visiting other folks' blogs more than I feel inspired to share my own stories.

I feel sometimes like I'm back in college, in studio art classes, where everyone kind of bounced ideas off eachother. My mom's birthday was coming up (last Sunday) and I've been working on a project for her for years (this is typical for me to start a project and pick up another, and pick one up again-- although this one's complicated). It's a collection of recipes from her friends and family (and me!), and the list just keeps growing. I've been hoping for as many recipes from her mom as possible, but they're hard to find in the family. Another excuse I have is that I started the project on a PC at school (please note, I did not work on it during school hours :) ), then saved to the hard drive there, but then they switched to Macs, so I lost my copies... gave up for about 6 months, tried to pick up the project again, nearly finished but noticed something strange had happened... all my fractions: 1/2, 3/4, etc. had changed to . Yes, my fractions were gone, and so were my original copies! So, I had to go back to find those out... anyway, it is a project that I will one day finish, but it sure wasn't ready for her birthday last Sunday!

I decided instead to just make her something else! Not being a knitter, I checked out Etsy to see what crafty knitters were using/selling. I found plenty of these knitting needle holders and decided to make her one of her own! In fabrics suited for my ma!
All rolled up...

Inside (still wet)-- there are large and small pockets.

My dad took my mom to the House Mountain Inn for dinner (I wish!) and they came over for "birthday cake"... cupcakes! I made some yummy poundcake-like cupcakes with a cream cheese icing with raspberries (from the Cupcake Doctor book).... mmmm!

Here she is blowing out her candles! (Now I really want a better camera!)

We had a fun little party.

Besides working, not too much going on. The weather's been beautiful-- it is actually supposed to be in the 70's the week! I love spring not only for the weather, but all the fun spring happenings... yard sales, farmer's markets, festivals and such!

Yesterday I did get to head up to an indoor market in Bridgewater with Kim (Chef Messy) and her adorable son! Maybe I should have eaten a big lunch beforehand, because I feel like I picked up every sweet treat they had! (Who could resist cream-filled whoopie pies, jams and jelly samples, Easter candy, snack mixes...?) I have a weakness for this place, and I only let myself go every couple of months. Even so, if you live in Southwest Va., this place is a definite must. I don't know of a better market that open year round, 'round here!

I did a little shopping (tee-hee), just a little... Look what I found!

St. Patrick's Day vintage postcard! (My first!)

A silouette picture... looks like it's from the 30's? The girl is feeding the peacock and reminds me so much of a silouette I loved this summer.

And some hangers. I want to hang a few old baby dresses and a sweater that belonged to my mom, and I've been looking for some cute hangers... Et voila!
Little circus animals!
Adorable ducks on my mom's sweater...
This one belonged to me...maybe this is where the whole bird thing got started! :)
I had a really good time and came home with bags and bags of fun stuff! Thanks, Kim, for going!

Well, I'm off to help Jer with his NCAA brackets! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jane said...

You found some really good things! I also tried the recipe thing with less than stellar results. I had the idea to compile all the family favorites from my mom's dozens and dozens of cookbooks so that she would have a handy reference. Well, I did it by hand and never really liked the look at all. I tried to add family memories to the different recipes. She still has the little binder, but I think it is just a dust collector. Oh, well. Crazy about the fractions?

Nanya said...

Hello, how fun to see another circus hanger haha I have a yellow one :)

LBP said...

Hey Neighbor! I live at Smith Mtn Lake in Bedford County. You're just up the road!

Those pound cake cup cakes look delicious!

Glad to have stumbled across your blog!