Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Great Give-Away: Would You Like A Quilting Book?

As if I don't have enough projects going on right now-- I'm going through books. I've considered selling on eBay, but I'm just not interested in dealing with that sort of thing right now.

I'd rather give this book to someone who could themselves use it, or give it as a gift for someone who quilts... Here are details about the book. It's a great book with lots of examples; I just am passing it on. It's in excellent condition, as I've had it less than a year.

If you'd like this book, be the first to leave a comment and tell me your email address so I can find out your address. Please only in the continental US, sorry!
Update: It's on its way to Sarah's ! Enjoy it!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I would love to check this out (and know several quilters I can pass it on to if I feel I can't use it). But only if you think it really would be suitable for a beginner, as the listing says. (I'm a beginner at quilting, as in hasn't-started-yet-beginner, although not a beginner at color mixing). thanks!