Tuesday, December 05, 2006

#21- Christmas Stockings

Each year I intend to make stockings for us, but that's a project I've never started. Last year there were a few snow days right before Christmas (where we didn't work), so I took some Stocking Kits and adapted them for the pets. We don't get the pets much for Christmas, but we do try to fill their stockings with treats.

For Lulu, our rat terrier
For Moby, our crazy black cat
I need some input. Whenever my friends have a baby, I like to make them a Christmas stocking. You know, the old fashioned felt with beads and sequins. Usually, I make a Snowman design. I hope it will be the one they use each year.

And this year my dear friend Autumn had Ezra, and he's my Godson. I'd like to make a very special stocking for him, but I can't decide on a design. With a name like Ezra, you know he's going to be very cool- :).... I can't decide if I should do:

Winter Wonderland kind of theme, snowman, etc.

A Retro Space Shuttle/Astronaut theme that I could somehow make Christmas-y (maybe Santa is driving the Space Shuttle or is the Astronaut?) but it's just so adorable and so boyish

A Redwork Wee Stichwork Elf?

What do you think?


Sarah and Jack said...

I vote for either the space shuttle or the redwork elf.

Jennifer said...

I absolutely am in love with your pet stockings! The sequin/bead work is to die for! What lucky little critters.

My vote is for the retro space shuttle theme. : )

jungle dream pagoda said...

I vote for the retro space theme! Love the pet stockings sooooo cutee cute!

Elizabeth K said...

I have a Lulu too. Your stockings are very cute.