Wednesday, December 06, 2006

#20- Christmas Crafts (And, Who's in on the 25 Posts!)

I've misplaced my camera somewhere in this mess of a house, so I can't take any pics. I have projects cluttered everywhere, literally everywhere. And any where else probably has a box (emptied of Christmas stuff and ready to go back to the attic), wrapping paper, or a pile of laundry that needs to be a.) washed b.) folded c.) ironed or d.) put away.

I'm ready enjoying this holiday season. This is my first year as a "blogger" and I really love seeing what everyone else is doing.

I'm so excited to have some new bloggers joining in on this 25 Posts Thing! Here's our list so far, with the 3 newcomers first! :
A Journey of A Thousand Stitches...
Sin City Spuds (Chef Messy's sister! What fun!)
Chef Messy
The Felt Mouse
Simple Living in A Complex World
and I'd nominate, Sarah and Jack to be in, too, just because she's almost got enough posts! Wow!

I'm having too much fun visiting everyone's blogs-- I can hardly stay focused on ONE of my projects before someone blogs and gives me another! I thought you might like to see some of my favorites-
Birds! Are you surprised?
These inpire me to do a vignette of some sort...
Really great Thrifting finds...

Thank you all for inspiring me, always!

I'm trying hard to keep up with my own crafts, too....

1- Stocking for Ezra. Here he is! The latest photo I just recieved today... (where ever did they find such a cute quilt??? :) )
and here are his parents, Autumn and Chad, freezing their on their Southern California sleigh ride!
Christmas in Calif. Autumn

2-- Finishing my strawberry pincushions, although I found out yesterday that I can't leave them out because the cat bites holes into them (and sand pours out everywhere)... grrr...

3- 3 Little Trees using pattern from Little Birds

4- Coasters

and more- Lovely quilts I can only daydream of finding the time to make.

I hope you're enjoying your Christmas crafting (if you are), and I promise I'll find my camera so I can play again tommorow!


Sarah and Jack said...

Aww, thanks! I have so much Christmas stuff that I could post for 50 days really. I think that should make me ashamed, but it doesn't!

Anonymous said...

such a great blog! and a great idea, 25 posts of christmas. i just found you, so i'm a little late on that, but i'll happily watch what unfolds! i like the cute pet stockings too