Thursday, December 07, 2006

#16- Putting Ornaments Somewhere Else

I loved these green ornaments Jeremy had, and they don't really "work" in the big tree... so here they are in the kitchen, from the chandalier. Love them.


Okay, I know I'm stretching some of these entries, but I did only intend to do 25 Posts... they might be minis, but that's ok. I got lots of projects to do, and I gotta take a few days off blogging.! Hope everyone's having as much fun doing this, and even if you're not, hope you're having fun preparing gifts for your loves. I can hardly contain myself this time of year, I can't wait to give gifts!


Oh, speaking of projects- Update on the Stocking: after much thought, even though most of you said to go with the retro space theme (and thank you so much for your input), Ezra's mama wanted a Winter Wonderland theme. I was going to try a stocking design similar to this for the space theme...
But! I just couldn't think of too many ways to make it Christmas-y. So, I've decided to go with this pattern and to try redwork with some fun red/white fabrics on a blue flannel. We'll see how it turns out.

Please be sure to visit all those other fabulous folks doing this challenge, and have a great weekend!

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