Sunday, December 10, 2006

#15- A Paper Town

First and foremost, let me say Thank you to everyone who have left comments for me! I'm so happy you stopped by! Visiting everyone's blogs- it's kind of like one big Open House party... it's so much fun to see what you're up to, and it makes the world a little smaller! :)

While Christmas shopping the other day in Staunton, I discovered my new favorite shop. Of course I walked in a 1/2 hour before they were to close, so I had to rush about and I never even saw the name of it.... I was so overwhelmed with excitement! It was sort of like a mini-antique mall, but it is in the lovely downtown. I can't wait to go back. She had tons and tons and tons of vintage postcards, clothes, paintings, and my new discovery: little (vintage) paper houses. She had a whole village!

Now the funny thing is, the other day I was shopping and picked up these:


I just loved them. And I found this yesterday for less than $5.00....
I had no idea, though, that these were inspired by actual vintage houses and such... Here's one site I found. I guess I never really paid attention to things I'd seen... :

And, of course, this morning, while visiting some other blogs, I discover that not only do other folks collect these as well, but check out some of the embellished ones!

I smell trouble!

Here are some more houses I found on the tree... this was our First Christmas ornament...
and this I made with some kids last year... we were supposed to make a sort of silouette of our own houses. So yes, this is my house, minus the 10 other townhouses on each side, with an additional bit of yard and a tree added in...


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jungle dream pagoda said...

I am also a fan of vintage paper houses,that church is sooooo fabulous love it. your little doggy loks like some of mine when I grew up(and every other dog my mom has since had,she likes chihuahuas I guess.