Monday, December 11, 2006

#13- Quality Time with Friends and Family

Tonight I was taken hostage! I was just recovering from a hard day's work, peacefully painting pottery, when my friends Ashley and Megan showed up to take me away to Charlottesville for an evening of Christmas shopping. At first, I thought, Man, I have soooooo much to do.... I better not. They wouldn't take no for an answer, though, and I'm so glad. We did a little shopping, goofy girly stuff (like embarrassing our single friends in front of the guy she thinks is cute!), did a lot of gossipping (how do you spell that? gossiping?), a little eating out... I had too much fun! It got me thinking how excited I was to see some friends and family this Christmas. There's so much fun stuff happening! Thank you, girls, I had fun! Megan, you better call him!

Now for something sneaky of my own... last week I "borrowed" a co-workers daughter so that she could help me paint a plate for her mother (Jeremy's co-worker as well)... I just love how it turned out. I doubt seriously that she'll ever check my blog, so I post the cheery Christmas cookie plate...


Sarah and Jack said...

This is a cute idea. I think I see reindeer painting in my future today. (Jack will love it!)

Kim said...

Ah, so that's where you were off to! Fun stuff! Charlottesville is one of my favorite places to shop! Sounds like you had a good time.

The plate is really cute! The mom will love it, I'm sure.