Sunday, December 17, 2006

#12- Oh, The Weather Outside Is... Warm!

Boy, I guess it's been a while. Things got really crazy last week... some of my student clubs had their holiday parties, we had our work party. All that food prep/candy prep/prep/prep/prep just about wore me out! I waitressed, too... So all my glorious plans of crafting all week basically were just visions (like sugarplums dancing in my head) :)

I have just today had the chance to check out other folk's blogs... I'm so glad some other people have kept up with the whole 25 Days thing...
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and now I intend to catch up-- hope I've got enough steam to finish!

So, on with my post... Outside! It has been odd weather lately here... all the news of storms elsewhere makes me think it strange our weather is so warm. Not so warm you don't need a jacket, but just not very cold.

We do live in a townhouse; with that you can probably imagine the restrictions our homeowner's association puts on decorations. To avoid ruffling anyone's feathers, I do keep it simple. I used to hang evergreen garlands with red beads strung up and down the railings, tied with floral wire, but I didn't really want to do that this year.

Our little tree outside has tiny white lights (I'd take a picture at night but it doesn't look so pretty)....

In our windows, we've hung a variety of snowflakes with luminescent glitter-snow stuff... it's lovely in the mornings; in the afternoon and early evening, they are nice silhouettes...

Reminding me of my Danish aunt's decorations...

Oh, and there's the wreath on our door.Blurry pic, sorry.
Found that at a flea market for $5.00! Still mint in the box, but we've squished the bow because of our glass door.

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Sarah and Jack said...

Hmm, where is the photo of this wreath now that my curiousity is peaked?