Friday, November 03, 2006

Am I The Crazy Bird Lady? Part 1

mean bird

I ran into someone the other day who only seems to see me when I have necklaces with birds around my neck, and this time they said, "What are you, like, the Crazy Bird Lady?" Exploring the issue of whether I'm crazy... well, that's a whole other issue we don't need to explore today. :)
What is my deal with bird stuff though? But where did all this bird stuff come from??? A few months ago I started shopping on ETSY and noticed I was always drawn to bird images. Since then, I catch myself all the time picking up postcards, plates, collages... everything birds! I walk around my house and see ... bird stuff everywhere! It's strange because I never realized I had a thing for birds.
Well, okay I have had birds for most of my life, but I've also had dogs. I don't have dog pictures up all over the house. And, for the first time in my life, I have cat, and I'm not all into cat stuff. No "I love my ...." t-shirts for any of my mammals!
My first birds were parakeets. My dad took me to the Pet Store in town when I had to be about 7 or 8. We were supposed to get a furry animal-- maybe it was a hamster or guinea pig, but they were sold out. I remember we started walking out of the store and he stopped and said, "How about some birds?". So we went home with a parakeet. Darrell was the birds name, because I used to think it was so funny that on the Bob Newhart show there was more than one character with that name (Who rememebers?). We had that bird trained, but I believe my dog Ollie tried to bring it to me one day, gently in his mouth, no biting, but the poor thing just didn't survive. I know I had 2 or 3 more. A crazy one named Tarzan died of an fever. Another one, Pepper, got let out of the house and sat on a tree across the street for a few days, and then...? That was the last of my birds until college.
In college, I moved into an apartment in Silver Spring, MD. I had 2 roommates, but they'd be gone for the summer. We were on the 15th floor in this high-rise building, and the neighbors weren't too friendly because we were college students. Mostly families lived there. Anyway, it was just too quiet. So, I got 2 little parakeets . They sang all day, which I loved, but my roommates HATED! I could keep going with a history of birds I've had, whose names slip my memory, but I'll stop.
I've just always enjoyed their company. I'm not so strange that I'm going to walk around with one on my shoulder or something, an old Pirate lady with a patch and scream, "What do ya want?" I just love to hear the birds.
They're beautiful creatures, too.
Ok, some more than others. This one's not even mine!
Anyway, once my package arrives from this swap, I'll have more to add to my bird collection. I'll share more bird stuff then, but I hope everyone had a great week! Today I'm taking a personal day and will soon go watch the soccer team play in the semi-finals of their conference tournament! Excited and nervous!!!!

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Bird Lady!!! It's been almost a week since you last blogged...I am still wanting to buy the camera when you decide to get a new one. I will pay something fair=)
I want to know your advice too!!