Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today we'll have to celebrate Fall (since schools don't officially celebrate holidays anymore)-- so for part of the day, teachers are allowed to have "Wacky Hair Day" during the "Fall Festival Celebration". The kids will consume enormous amounts of candy and sugar during their class party, then we send them home. There, I'm sure they consume 2x the amount when they go downtown trick-or-treating and around their neighborhoods at night. Tommorow morning it's hard to work with them, because they're all Sugar-High-Hungover.

This is one of my favorite holidays, but I haven't really gotten that into it this year. I think it's because I'm out of creative energy. This afternoon, I need to carve some pumpkins, fast! I do have candy, though. I'll tear off my wig (yes, that's what I'm wearing for "Wacky Hair Day") and make myself into a 50's Sockhop girl with a pink poodle skirt.

Just to get you in the Halloween mood, let me show you a spooky photo of a black cat in a witch's hat....
October 2005 111

That's Moby. He was very unhappy. It's kind of scary when he's that unhappy... Just for giggles, here's one more.
October 2005 112
Hope no one gets tricked today and you all get a little something sweet!


Kim said...

Oh, goodness, your poor kitty. He really does look pathetic and unhappy, doesn't he! Rough life!

Happy Halloween! Have fun at your class parties!

Kim said...

Oh, your poor kitty! It really does look pathetic and sad! Rough life...

Happy Halloween! Hope you have lots of fun at your class parties!