Sunday, November 05, 2006

To Blog or Not To Blog

Sometimes it's weird to blog. I've written on this blog liked I'm updating a good friend or family member, but then, I've left out some important things. I should just say that some very sad things have happened around here lately. (I'm ok-- don't worry! I'm just sad for some friends and family going through hard times.) I haven't felt much like blogging, and I've been doing things that make me feel better.

We all have our sad days, and I wonder what do most people do to make themselves feel better? Lots of people I know are really into doing athletic stuff to cheer themselves up. Me, anything athletic needs to be rewarded, so it doesn't feel like I really did much at all. (Example, I will run for an hour if we can go get donuts or pastries! Or, I'll go for X hike, if we can go pig out at X restaurant!) Some people write in their journal, but that is a lot of writing for me; I can't seem to say enough on 6 or 7 journal pages. Doing something productive usually helps me feel better. Working, cleaning the house, doing laundry, but especially, finishing one of the many projects I have lying around.

So this week, I worked on a quilt. I had purchased the quilt squares a long time ago, from Ebay. They're from Amy Butler's Charm series of fabrics. I just recently got a sewing machine, and I've given up the idea of making every person I know an apron... my previous idea... as I can't seem to finish the first one. I just don't like working with patterns. Yuck. So, I started this. I debated whether I should separate them, and sort them by groups of similar color, add in extra fabrics, etc. I decided to just keep them all together for 2 reasons: 1- they are all from the same line 2-I felt lazy and didn't want to look for more fabrics. Also whether I should have a solid color backing, or splurge on some more Amy Butler fabrics. You can see I did.
In my splurging, I also got some of this fabric to use later. Love it!
If you're interested in some splurging of your own, check out Diana Fayt- I love her work, and especially this calendar!

What else has been going on? Not too much. We did go visit Jeremy's sisters last Saturday after a sad, sad soccer game on Friday. We had a pretty nice visit with them, the new boyfriend, and the charming (but very sad looking) niece...

and afterwards we drove on the Parkway, which made for a relaxing afternoon.


Hope everyone has had a good week.


Kim said...

Wow, nice photos! And your quilt looks great! I need to start shopping on EBay or something.

Hope you're feeling better.

dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

ooohh, pretty quilt. I will have to see that in person. sorry I contributed so much to your sad week...your visit was really good for me and I have had a happier week.