Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What I've Been Up To...


The past week has been a busy one. Worked hard (or sometimes hardly worked), organized (finally all my old magazine pages, recipes and such I put into my cooking or crafty notebooks), cleaned (boring but it's got to get done), watched many soccer games (they are undefeated still!!!), attempted baking, painted pottery (finally finished a Halloween bowl that only took a month to paint), painted watercolored sunsets, hung out with some friends to watch shows we're addicted to and some classic old movies, hung out with family (always a good time), hung out with the hubby (who is working way too hard at school and needs a break), and tried (successfully) to convince the hubby that he needs to get out of town to start celebrating his birthday and to get away from Lex Vegas for a day(a week early!). I hope this week is as much fun. Have a good one!




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Kim said...

:) It's been fun hanging out with you! Its great to have a friend who likes old movies!

These are gorgeous photos, by the way. LOVE the one with the flowers. It's so very Cha-Cha-Gigi!

By the way, I hadn't thought about this the other day when you mentioned it--do you want me take your first name off my blog and give you a nickname? I'm a little dense sometimes. Hadn't thought about it until now!