Monday, October 30, 2006

Winter Is Fast Approaching... Updated x2

Fall To-Do List....
I hope you've enjoyed the crispy weather, beautiful sunsets and leaves this year. I have so many Fall things left to do! I'm hoping if I give myself a little list, I will be more motivated to check them off....

1. Carve pumpkins. I've got no good excuse but lack of time for not doing this yet. I love these pumpkins, but who's got that time? Maybe tonite I'll convince Jeremy to help me!
(CHECK! Sorry they look so blurry. Polka dot pumpkins and pirate faces. Jeremy did the Pirate.)
2. Make pumpkin bread. It. is. so. yummy. Seriously, we had this at Kim's and, being the fantastic baker that she is, whipped it up and served it to us hot! I can't wait to try it myself.

3. Find that orange tree I mentioned. I have a decent photo of a yellow and a red tree from this Fall, but now I need an orange. (CHECK!)

4. Buy Halloween candy. Will there be anything good left? I hope. (Check! Now, if only we dont' eat it all...)

5. Make Thanksgiving plans. (CHECK!)

Okay, I guess everything else is not very fall-ish, but it's still on my list.

6. Work on Christmas gifts. Since I need to make an apron for this, I thought I should try out some apron patterns with my new sewing machine! I like sewing, and my first project (for someone who's name I can't say but I heard they like these colors) is going alright. Not as fabulously adorable as I'd hoped, but it's still a WIP.

7. Take a personal day! Oh yeah, I'm ready. I am so burned out. I have no creative energy or enthusiasm for my job right now, so I'm taking a day off this week! Why? Because the soccer team won their quarterfinal match (by the way, beating that team that handed them their first loss of the year), so now they're off to the ODAC tourney! I'm not missing that game! Check out these fans at the last game.... PTBAG- Proud to Be A General! (Check! It's arranged!)
8. Try a project with these letters. Don't they look fun? She's always doing cute stuff.

9. Send out my vintage bird swap package. Can't tell what's inside just yet! (Check! Package mailed.)

10. Watch BBC's Version of Pride and Prejudice. (CHECK!- I tortured Jeremy and watched it this weekend. He's my own Mr. Darcy!)

11. Convince folks who read this blog to give me some recipes. Maybe you could help me out?

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Kim said...

Wow, this is a big to-do list, and you seem to have it half-done! Congrats on the soccer game--we wanted to go, but Matthew didn't wake up on time. I heard the news from one of the brothers of a soccer player Saturday night while "drunk driving." Hopefully we'll be able to make it to the next one! I'd still love to come and take some pictures.

P.S. I'm glad you liked the pumpkin bread!

P.S.S. How did you ever convince (coerce?) Jeremy to watch Pride and Prejudice?? I am in awe of your man-controlling skills.