Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Delightful and Slighly Geeky, Perhaps.

What a nice week it has been so far! Today was nice, especially this evening. Got to spend a fun night with Jeremy. I even got to make a cake! It was actually from the last Mailorder from Angry Chicken. Don't know if anybody else subscribes, but I really love all the issues I've recieved. The recipes are always really easy, and the projects super cute. Anyway, I made one of her cakes- The Blueberry Buckle- along with some homemade Beef Stew for dinner, a Netflix rental (Season 2 of Arrested Development), curled up on the couch. Just a nice night.

The perfect ending to a long day. After sitting through many assemblies geared towards young children convincing why they should play chess .... I was ready for "ME" time. Seriously, I love to see the kids get into things like that, but. There's only so many times you can hear the "Rook and Roll" song, or try to calm upset kids who didn't win the Golden Queen award this year (for the most well behaved kids at the assembly)... The first one was really fun. Really. I was reminded of middle school, and younger days when I didn't worry about whether people thought I was a geek or not.

I also love that kids nowadays are into 80's music and dress, or old school games and stuff. They're listening to the stuff I listened to in elementary school and calling it cool. How can you not totally love them for it? Like, totally! ?

Was I a geek? I don't know. I do know I have always been pretty introverted and generally on the quiet side..... I say generally. I was thinking of middle school because I was in the Chess Club, Puppet Club (I have a funny photo I want to find about that one), and I did collect stamps. In the summertime, I read at least one or 2 books a week.

I was totally shy. Probably akward is a good word to use, too. Every girl I knew suddenly had boyfriends, and I could barely talk to the ones I had crushes on. My friends and I had secret codes (see below). I feel kind of bad... I know we all made fun of people in middle school, but we might have been a little mean. I know we had developed another code, and when a boy wrote me a note asking me out, I believe I answered him in code. We're still friends today and he just can't understand why I did that!

I could go on and on if anyone was actually interested, so I'll stop rambling. I did find a few middle school pics, but I need to keep looking for Puppet Club photos:

Me and My Bro, Michael (please excuse the hideous perm and pre-braces teeth)

Here I am with the fam at Christmas. (thank goodness the perm was growing out a little)

Here's a Glamour shot of my friend Ash. (If you got a Glamour Shot, please post it!) Ashley please don't kill me for posting it!

Here's a few us a couple of years ago. All grown up!

Hope everyone is having a nice week!


Ashley said...

Do you remember those books we used to read where you could choose the ending by deciding what you wanted the people to do? You could just turn to one page number if you wanted them to do one thing or turn to a different page if you wanted them to do something else.

still figgurin' said...

Great eighties look! Reminds me of my eighth grade pic. back in '85.
Posted on my blog finally- check out my new poochies!