Saturday, August 26, 2006

Under Construction?

(this bulletin board is actually from last year, but since it's the first week of school...)

Hello weekend! I've never welcomed a Saturday more than today. I have worked all week... I'm sorry for those of you who worked all summer, but it's just been a bummer to get back to work. I'm trying to be very positive about my job this year but it has been hard to do that... I won't bore anyone (if anyone does read this!) with details. I was asked to waitress this week, twice, and I gladly accepted as we still have no paychecks coming our way for 6 more days (last payday- in JUNE!).

Any-who, I'm working on organizing all the links I have saved as favorites, and so for a few days, I'm going to work on that. The other thing I'd like to construct is a banner-- I just have no idea how to make one! If anyone can lead me in the right direction or site, I would be so thankful.

Today should be a terrific day. H, one of my best friends in the whole world, is visiting from Va Beach. We're headed to the Community Festival and probably to the pottery place. Later, my dear hubby has ok'd plans for an afternoon of berry picking and a picnic! Yay! Just what I needed. Will share photos.

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Karen said...

Hi Coleen!!! I got your comment on my graphics blog and I'm so glad you found my site. I'd love to work on a banner for you. I don't have your e-mail address, so if you could shoot me an e-mail at KnitGirl901 AT optonline DOT com, we can start talking things over. :)