Sunday, August 27, 2006

Community Festival


Yesterday was a really nice day for me. Mid-morning, I headed to the festival. J needed to drop off a poster we'd made for a certain booth. This foundation gave him a grant, to build a habitat for frogs and last year we watched them grow. They're all gone now, so he'll probably repeat the process again, so this new group of kids can see the frogs grow from tadpoles.

I met up with Jo, H, and A. (I'm considering whether I should just write their names?) We walked around and picked up all kinds of goodies. I also tried some things I never thought I would- like bacon and sour cream flavored pork rinds!


It got to be so hot so we headed to the pottery place to hang out there for a while. I have vowed not to do another piece until September, and I'm being good on that. I did spend the $25 I gave myself (I also shared with J) to spend this weekend. Besides a hot dog for lunch, and a few small goodies :), here are some of my prizes:


H and A are sisters, and J is their mom. I 've known them all since Preschool, I think! It was so good to spend time with some friends and see lots of people I normally don't get to see! I saw lots of kids from school. I love to see them in public, mostly because they react like: You mean you don't live at the school! You have a life?

I left my friends to meet up with J, so that we could head out to Orchardside. This lovely place is in Raphine, Va... sort of a ways out, and reminds you of a simpler time. Nearby is my cousin's favorite place, the Herb Farm and Wade's Mill. (By the way, for any local cooks, I'd skip buying kitchen supplies in town, go here... they have everything you could think of- supplies, good pottery and linens, mixes and such... for cheap!)

They have a big farmhouse, a creek running thru, a yarn shop, berry picking, geese, ducks, peacocks, poodles... you name it!

Although it was still pretty hot and we only stayed about 45 mins, we left with 5 pints of blackberries. It was hard not to eat them all!

We stopped by my parent's house, but quickly departed as my mom has pink eye! We gave her some berries, and then headed home for a nice dinner. Relaxed and passed out on the sofa. J always falls asleep on the sofa, and it takes a lot of banging and/or flashing of the overhead lights to convince him to move. He usually has Lulu curled up on him, or has fallen asleep in such a position that it would be easier not to move than to have to figure out a way to get out of a pretzel-position!

Anyway, have a great Sunday!

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