Friday, August 04, 2006


We're being complete BUMs in this heat. I am still without a car, and somehow that makes me feel the need to do absolutely nothing! I have also been working at the restaurant ( the one I left in June)- not only because I need the money but also because the owner of the restaurant really needed my help.

Here's how lazy I am:

At first, I was thinking, nah, in order for me to go to work right now, I'd have to get up, take a shower, PUT ON MAKEUP (something I hardly ever do in the summer), and FIND an outfit that would be somewhat dressy. Plus, I'll have to work a lot. Get sweaty and tired. Nah, It's not worth all that energy.

Then, she offered cash and dinner for my J and me!

That sold me. I would'nt have to make dinner. The food was fantastic, my body ached from walking (in front of the guests) and running (in the kitchen), and I have some extra cash that will go directly to my newest best friend, Dave the Auto Mechanic.

Dave and I have been talking so much lately. Basically, about my car and the heat. My car and the heat. Dave has such a Rockbridge County accent, and even though I've lived in these here parts my whole life, I strain to figure out what he's talking about.

I'm supposed to work at the restaurant quite a lot next week, as the owner will be on vacation. But its also the last week of "freedom" before the official school year begins. I have so many things that I want to do before work begins, so I hope to get a burst of energy and stop being such a bum.

Hope everyone's had a great week!

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