Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gas and WIP

The heat has finally given us a break around here- it's been so nice. I was actually chilly yesterday, since it was less than 95 degrees! This has been a very nice week for us. I am still without a car (and so the bill just keeps getting bigger) but fortunately the owner of the restaurant needed my help this week! It has been fun waitressing and such again, but I'm glad I don't have to do it forever.

Another good reason I don't have a vehicle right now- the gas prices! We're saving a bundle on gas this month already! :) I discovered while looking through some of my old postcards my grandfather's gas ration card. He lived in Ventura, California, and during WWII he had these. The card is at the top of the photo, and the actual rations are at the bottom. I also found one, tucked in, that is in Spanish. I wonder if he went down to Mexico to get gas ? Maybe lots of folks in Southern Cal. did, if they didn't have rations. I know my grandmother traded her gas rations for lots of things . Aren't you glad its not like that now?

I also talked to parents, and they said that when they were first married, in the mid-70's, that you were only allowed to get gas on certain days, and your "day" depended on the numbers on your license plate. Odd number day and even number days!

I can't imagine the government trying to do that now. People would just freak out.

Anyway, I found a very old WIP- Work in Progress. This is 10 years old. A cross stitch I started when I was last out west of Mt. Ranier. I think I meant to finish it so I could give it my parents for Christmas! OOps!

What it's supposed to look like:

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I've got one more night of waitressing, and then hope to have a peaceful Sunday! Monday it's back to reality, teachers head back to work. Hope you don't mind if I share boring teacher things with ya coming up!


Kim said...

So, if you're running out of gas while driving down the freeway, and you can't buy gas because it's not your day, then what? I agree--people would freak. :) That and I don't really see how that would solve any problems. You just fill up one day instead of the next...

Must have been a Jimmy Carter thing. Nice guy, but not exactly an economic genious.

Anyway, back to school today huh? Fun stuff!

So, does this mean you're working on the cross-stitch again?

gishygoo said...

I think gas rations would be a fabulous thing for America. I do agree that people would go berserk, but really, it would be one way of bringing our actions in the Middle East home.

I think I'm going to make a "ration book" for my fiance and I so that we can keep tabs on how much gas we are using. Obviously it wouldn't keep us from buying gas in an emergency, but it might be fun to see how much we can cut back. Thanks for a fascinating post!