Tuesday, December 08, 2009

6/25 Posts: Santas 1 & 2

Charlie saw Santa for the first time at Horses Christmas. It didn't seem to phase him, and he wasn't too interested in meeting him.
Charlie saw Santa again at Walmart. This time, he did his If I Don't Look At You, Maybe You'll Go Away face. He did that when we had Halloween masks on, and I hear he even did it when his babysitter got her hair cut! He won't look at you if you're doing something that makes him nervous, which is too funny to me!
This Saturday, Charlie and I will go to Roanoke to see Santa AGAIN; this will be the official Santa trip I've been planning for a while. We're going with my friend Tracy and her daughter, Devin. Can't wait; will post pictures of that after the weekend!

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