Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Photos from Charlie @ 5 months

I never imagined that I'd be saying this so soon: Charlie is 6 months old!!!! (Ok, give it a few days!) He's just a ton of fun right now. Napping less during the day so he doesn't miss out on any of the fun stuff going on; teething; attempting to crawl; laughing and curious about so much. But these 6 months have really flown by. I'm really looking forward to these next few months because soon I'll be home with him over summer vacation-- we'll have lots of fun!
His first high chair at a restaurant. Hope it was clean! :)
Grumpy b/c he's got a bucket on his head :(

One of his favorite things in the morning-- sit in the high chair while Mom makes her lunch, chew on spoons or drink out of his sippy cup!
Those eyes!
Grumpy squishy faces!

Always loves playing with Dad.
Hanging out with Uncle Mike! This is up at the W and L tennis courts- Michael came to town when Carnegie Mellon played W And L-- just a quick visit earlier this month.

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