Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Charlie's First Girlfriend

So Charlie's got his first girlfriend-- Addie! She's the daughter of my friend and co-worker Lindsey. She may be 13 months older than him, but they still have a good time together!

Here they are the other day on a little road trip. He gazed her way and watched her... when he wasn't screaming or crying! :) He's used to having Mom or Dad next to him in the car. Addie didn't mind, though; she just kept saying, "Baby!" Can you tell that's what she's doing? She held his hand and tried to comfort him when he cried.
Another day they hung out in our classroom together. Here they've taken over my chair. This was right after she'd put her arm around him, but right at this moment he put his hand on her leg and she said, "No!" :)

She kissed and hugged him, and even tried to push his stroller.
I tried to capture the kisses she gave him on the cheek, but it didn't work out.
So cute!
I love having a little guy-- twice when we've gone swimming, a baby girl will just grab on and won't let go. It doesn't even phase him! This will be fun in about 16 years, huh! :)

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Chef Messy said...

Awww, six months old and he's already pimpy.